Where can I find the most comprehensive information about my class?

Check out our class policy page by clicking here.  This page contains important information about our classes, including inclement weather policies, and more!


What can I expect from class?

Music Together® is designed for children ages birth through kindergarten. At Music Together we believe that music ability is as much a basic life skill as walking and talking, and that all children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with pleasure and confidence in the music of their culture. Music Together classes nurture your child’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement as we sing, dance, chant, and play instruments in an informal setting. Our relaxed environment that will enrich her musical environment and guides your child her towards a lifetime of music-making enjoyment. Parents or caretakers also benefit from parent education interspersed throughout the class.

We open each class with our “Hello” song, and we welcome each child by name. Throughout the class, your instructor will use the rich Music Together curriculum to guide your child through a musical experience, which is different from week to week. Most classes make time for a “jam” and/or “free dance” song, allowing your child to explore music making and movement in his or her own way. Each class closes with a lullaby and our “Goodbye” song, which again calls each child by name.


Why are most classes taught in a Mixed Age setting?

Music Together is designed for children age birth through kindergarten. In the 1980s, Music Together pioneered the development of the mixed-age approach in early childhood music. In each class we strive to create a musically rich, developmentally appropriate environment where the whole family can enjoy music and nurture skills at the level right for each child.

Mixed-age classes provide a rich learning environment because children of different ages thrive when they interact with each other: the babies are often fascinated by the older children, and the “big” children enjoy helping and sharing with the “little” ones. This approach is based on research from music education, early childhood development, and family relationships, as well as our 20 years of experience in the field.


What is the class size?

Each class has 8-12 registered children plus their primary caregiver(s).


What if I miss a class during the semester? How do I schedule a makeup?

Families are allowed unlimited makeups each semester, though they do not roll over to the next semester.  All makeups must be scheduled through our website after the semester begins. If you have more than one child, you only need to fill out the online form once. In order to keep class sizes small, drop-ins are not permitted.

To schedule or cancel a makeup class, please scroll to the top of this page and click on “Make-Ups.”


What is your inclement weather policy?

In most cases, we will not hold classes when Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) are closed. However, there are times when we do not go along with the decision of FCPS.  No matter what, we will post our operating status on our website at least one hour in advance of your schedule class time.  Check under 'News Items' on the right-hand side of our homepage. When a class is cancelled, you do not need to schedule a makeup. An additional class will be added to the semester provided there are no scheduling conflicts, and the updated schedule will be listed on our website on the Class Schedule page.

When FCPS has a delayed opening, we make every effort to hold classes at slightly later times in the day, and adjusted class times for that day will be posted on our homepage at least two hours prior to the regularly scheduled class time. If classes are delayed and you are not able to make it to class, feel free to use our makeup scheduler to make up your missed class.

FOR CLASSES AT VCC: The Vienna Community Center follows the closing decisions of the Town of Vienna.  Classes at VCC are cancelled if the Town of Vienna closes for the day.  For the most up-to-date information, please check the Town website or call (703) 255-7842. To see a full explanation of the policy on the VCC website, click here



Can I switch to a different class?

Requests for class changes must be initiated within the first three weeks of the semester, and are made at the discretion of the center director, depending on class availability. Changes are not made after the third week of the semester.


What is your refund policy?

We are so confident that your family will love Music Together that we are excited to extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied after attending your first class, please email us at MusicTogetherOfVienna@gmail.com or call us at 703-424-7295 to request a refund.  Refunds are not offered after the first week of class.  Families are responsible for class attendance, and non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal.


What if I start classes after the semester begins?

The Music Together Sing and Groove does not prorate for classes missed due to late registration. However, we have an unlimited makeup policy, so any missed classes may be made up during the semester.  In addition, if you attend a demo class and then decide to register for the semester, your demo experience becomes one of the class meetings for which you register. 


Is it OK for more than one adult to come to class?

Both or either parent, grandparents, nannies or caregivers are welcome to attend class at any time – no need to ask. Making music together as a whole family is extremely valuable to your child's musical development, and attending class occasionally helps the other family members to join in at home.


As a parent or caregiver, what is my role in class?

Enhance your child's experience in class by remembering to sing, sing, sing! Your active participation allows your child to learn and grow musically. So pick up an egg shakes during one of our “jam” sessions, dance your heart out to our “free dance” songs, and enjoy the “play” in making music throughout class! You are the perfect person to model for your child how much fun it can be to make music.

There are always opportunities to socialize before or after class, and we encourage you to resist the urge to talk to your child or other adults during class. This will support your child’s ability to benefit from our musical learning environment.

Rather than giving verbal directions or showing your child how to do things the “right” way, allow your child to experience the class in his or her own way. It can be tough to restrain the impulse to give your child directives such as "Do what she is doing, hold your instrument this way” but children respond best by seeing and hearing you enjoying it yourself!

Wandering toddlers are fine, and some children may choose to learn by watching from a distance. Of course watch out for your child’s safety, but as a parent or caregiver, your primary job is to relax and have fun!


What is your cell phone policy?

All cell phones should be put away for the duration of the class. We understand if you need to use it in an emergency situation but at all other times, please enjoy the uninterrupted time with your child and refrain from this distraction that impacts others as well. 


How should we use the Music Together Materials to facilitate learning at home?

Play your CD at home and in the car as frequently as possible, especially during the first few weeks of class. Listen to your CD while your child is playing or before nap or bedtime. Use the songbook to learn the songs and play along if you play an instrument. Try using the songbook at storytime instead of a regular book, and sing through the songs while looking at the pictures with your child. Looking at the printed notes on the page will help children understand that music is something that can be read, like words. Exposure to music notation will help them if they later pursue more formal music instruction when they are school aged. The Music Together songbook lists creative “at home” activities to try with each song, and you are encouraged to involve the whole family.


Where can I buy some of the instruments we have in class?

Instruments are available for purchase for use at home or as gifts directly from Music Together LLC at http://musictogether.com/Store.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Gift certificates for any amount towards Music Together Sing and Groove classes can be purchased at any time. It makes a nice baby shower or birthday gift. Grandparents love to buy these for holiday gifts. Please contact us at MusicTogetherSingAndGroove@gmail.com in order to purchase a gift certificate.


What are the upcoming song collections?

The 2019 song collections are Drum (Winter '19), Tambourine (Spring '19), Banjo (Summer '19), and Flute (Fall '19).

The 2020 song collections are Sticks (Winter '20), Maracas (Spring '20), Kazoo (Summer '20), and Bongos (Fall '20).

The 2021 song collections are Bells (Winter '21), Triangle (Spring '21), Harmonica (Summer '21), and Fiddle (Fall '21).


Why are class prices different at the Vienna Community Center?

Pricing for classes at the Vienna Community Center differ for in-town and out-of-town residents. Not all addresses in Vienna, VA are considered "in-town."  To determine if your address is considered "in-town," please consult this document, provided by the Vienna Community Center: Vienna In-Town Addresses.


Can I get a discount on tuition since we already have the CD and songbook?

Unfortunately we cannot provide a discount to our families who already have the CD and songbook. We pay one service fee to Music Together LLC for each enrolled family, which covers a lot more than just songbooks and CDs. It represents the right to use the Music Together program and curriculum. This includes licensing fees and a wide range of services provided by Music Together LLC.  It also includes access to the Family Music Zone (https://www.musictogether.com/account).

Long time Music Together Families may be going through the curriculum for a second or third time with younger siblings. We encourage you to use your additional songbooks and CD for your younger child, or to keep a copy at a babysitter's or Grandma's house.

Do you offer sibling or military discounts?

Yes!  Each sibling of a registered child receives up to a $42 discount (depending on the semester).  Be sure to register all of your children at the same time in order to receive the discount.

We also offer a military discount of 10% off your tuition fee.  Email us a copy of your military ID and we will send you the military discount coupon code.  (Please note: military discount is not valid for classes at the Sherwood Center). 

What is the Family Music Zone?

As a member of the Music Together family, you have access to the Family Music Zone™. You'll be able to download each semester's songs, view a digital copy of your songbook, get new activities to try at home, and learn more about your child's music development.  The Family Music Zone is at https://www.musictogether.com/account.  For more information about accessing your account, you may read this document: Creating an Account on Family Music Zone.


Can I bring my baby to class with my older child?

Yes, babies younger than 8 months at the start of the semester attend free with a registered sibling.  When you register the older child, you can register the baby at the free 'sibling younger than 8 months' rate.


What is your Privacy Policy?

By enrolling in a Music Together class at Music Together of Vienna dba Music Together Sing and Groove, a licensed Music Together center, you agree that any information you provide will be shared with Music Together Worldwide (MTW). For information about how MTW uses and stores your personal information, we encourage you to review the Music Together Worldwide Privacy Policy.