Music Together® Online

Music Together helps children develop a solid foundation for life-long music-making! What we're learning is that this is true whether you're singing and dancing with us in person or through Zoom. We know why...because YOU are the most important ingredient in your child's music development. We're hearing from the families who've been joining our online classes that they're making MORE music together now as a family (outside of class) than they did before. (Read their exact words here!)

That makes our hearts sing! 


Since Music Together’s inception over 30 years ago, we've been committed to teaching parents how to support their child's music development in community-based music classes. Music Together has created a new offering, Music Together Online, and it’s being delivered by local centers/teachers all around the world! 

Because Music Together is not about entertainment but educating with and through the active participation of parents, in Music Together Online, you continue to be an essential part of the experience.

Your teacher’s job will be to engage and inspire you with lesson plans filled with lots of fun activities and ideas to do at home, so you can keep it going throughout the week. And even though we cant be together in person, we can still be interactive and playful together” online. Aside from the time we spend with you in class, you’ll also have access to the recordings as well as unlimited mixed ages zoom classes so you can join us as many times per week as you’d like. 

If your child wanders—perfect, in fact it’s expected! This is no different than in our regular classrooms. Children need to feel free to explore and move around, so plan on that happening. What’s key? Your participation and modeling is essential to your child’s musical growth. A child also needs time to be introduced to the new songs/chants in the collection, as well as a teacher they haven’t experienced. Please allow your child the time to adjust. Even very young children will enjoy this grownup/child interaction, if given a little time and space. After all, what could be better than your undivided attention for 35-40 minutes?

What's a Music Together Online semester involve?

We’ll be using a combination of Zoom classes and our center's Family Portal on this website. In the Family Portal you’ll find links to watch recorded classes  and get access to other videos, coloring pages and resources we find relevant to the semester's collections. We’ll be using the Zoom platform once a week for your private Live “class” with up to 12 families (Rhythm Kids will allow up to 8 kids with a grownup or as many grownups as desired in each class). The children will be excited to see themselves as well as the other children in class.

We want to provide maximum flexibility for your entire family. Our mixed ages online classes now include any other children in your family as well at no extra cost! Your preschoolers and even children through age 6 or 7 will enjoy these classes with you and your little one (or you can choose some one-on-one time with each child).

Here’s what our online package will include:

  • One 35-40 minute private live Zoom class per week, limited to 12 families (8 families for Rhythm Kids classes). We’ll open the Zoom space 10 minutes prior to class to settle in and to allow time to connect/interact with other parents, grandparents, caregivers and children. 
  • Unlimited live bonus classes
  • Pre-recorded classes
  • An invitation for grandparents or an older relative to join your family in your live Zoom classes (space permitting)