Families love Music Together® Online!

From Jen S.

We love music class!! We did so much research before having our daughter: how to socialize her, best ways to build language, how to incorporate music and rhythm into her daily activities, how much screen time is appropriate and at what age. We found Music Together and absolutely loved in person classes and then a pandemic hit. No more socializing and no more face to face classes, everything is virtual. Throw out all the research we did, we decided to give it a try; what’s 30-45 minutes of screen time a week, anyways?

It turns out our, now 15 month old, daughter absolutely loves music class, and so do her parents! The freedom to let her explore her environment, music instruments, and toys while we model and engage her following Ms. Linda’s cues and directions makes it such an incredible experience. One that we can use all week long! Our daughter’s communicative intent and imitation skills are increasing by leaps and bounds, she gets a huge smile anytime her Music Together songs come on or she hears the live session start and all her friends talking and starts to dance. It’s been great to work on her imitation skills and beginning imaginative play! 

The entire Music Together Sing and Groove team is so welcoming, knowledgeable, and accommodating! We feel like part of the family already, as we join Ms. Linda in her virtual classroom each week! While nothing compares to face to face socialization, Ms. Linda makes sure we (parents) have time each week to learn from her, connect with each other, and even makes time for questions and fun connections for all at the end of each session. THANK YOU MTO Sing and Groove!

From Tracey G.

What a surprise it is to see my 15 month old connect to MusicTogether online classes. He roams his room while we attend the weekly classes wondering if he listens. One day during class he stopped what he was doing to dance and clap to a song he loved. It’s so neat to see him enjoy music and the classes. We’ve even played the music on a road trip to calm him. It was amazing to see him quiet down when he recognized the songs. We’ve marveled at this experience.

From Alexis C.

I just wanted to say how much my kids enjoyed the Spring Zoom Music Together Class. I am sure it was challenging to pivot your platform so quickly in such an uncertain time but I thought you did a great job to make an engaging class! The live class and recorded videos were a highlight of their week and my 2.5 year old was often asking for "more music". He even started singing the riding in the car song from over the winter this week which I had never heard him sing spontaneously on his own before. Thank you so much for all your hard work and we can't wait for the summer classes to start!