Music Together® Online — Babies

Interactive Online Music Classes for New Parents

Your little one was born ready to make music! In this special class for parents with babies under nine months old, you'll learn lots of fun, interactive music activities that will support your child's growth in so many areas, including their physical, socio-emotional, language, and early brain development. Your expert teacher will also share ideas for how music can help you get through your day. And you'll join a community of other parents who are just as sleep-deprived as you!

The best part? There is no screen time for your little one. Your teacher will guide you to position your infant so they are looking at YOU, not the screen. You follow the teacher while your baby watches you, and you leave each class inspired to make each day more musical.

My child is already sitting up or rolling over! We know that screen time is not usually recommended for young children, but there's one thing that makes Music Together classes different from most other programs: you! When children stare passively at a screen, they don't take in information or learn in the same way as they do when a parent or other caregiver is actively participating with them. In Music Together Online-Babies, just as in our in-person classes, you are still the most important musical role model for your infant, so you get to play, too! And your teacher will be giving you lots of ideas for fun activities with your child at home.

What if my child is sleeping during the Live Zoom class? No problem! You’ll receive the recording from each week’s private Zoom class to watch when your baby is in his or her most “alert” time when learning best takes place.


Here’s what our package will include:

  • One 40-minute private live Zoom class a week for 8 weeks with Linda, limited to 12 families. We’ll open the Zoom space 10 minutes prior to class to settle in and to allow time to connect/interact with other parents, grandparents or caregivers.
  • Throughout the semester, pre-recorded classes & pre-recorded lullaby videos with teachers from our staff. This will be for both mixed-age and Babies classes, a great way to extend and apply techniques we use in the Babies class!
  • Invite your baby's grandparents or relative to your classes where the whole family can join in making music together
  • We’ll also be posting additional videos around a parent education point, as well as other valuable resources in our private Facebook group.